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Legionella Monitoring Birmingham

Arrange fuss-free Legionella monitoring in Birmingham that abides by the HSE ACoP L8 legislation. The experts provide a monitoring plan which tackles legionella in high risk areas.

Legionella monitoring Birmingham must be actioned and managed with documentation, for any health and safety inspection in the future. The knowledgeable professionals utilise modern wireless technology systems for legionella monitoring across multiple or individual properties, for a comprehensive and reliable service.

Working in strict compliance with UK guidance and regulations, the team offer affordable and reliable legionella monitoring in Birmingham, so why look anywhere else?

Legionella Prevention Birmingham

Legionella Prevention Birmingham

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease in water systems is serious for any business owner, in terms of financial, legal, and brand impact. Fortunately, this is easily avoided with professional legionella prevention in Birmingham. In accordance with the HSE revised legionella ACoP L8 publication, and new guidance documents (HSG274), the team offers legionella monitoring Birmingham which covers a variety of premises including schools, swimming pools, sports centres, care homes, and dentist surgeries, to list only a few examples.

If you look after water systems in a property, you will be required to have legionella prevention Birmingham measures in place. A full range of useful water services are offered by the experts, to ensure that you're legally compliant. These include water hygiene programmes with remote temperature monitoring, virtual log books, and PDA data capture.

Only the most suitable chemical products are utilised to achieve effective results. These include Chlorine Dioxide, Bromination and Chlorination disinfection of water tanks, cooling towers and domestic services, in compliance with ACoP L8 specifications. Where required, water sampling in Birmingham can be carried out by independent (UKAS) laboratory services for the detection of legionella. Finally, onsite consultancy and legionella training seminars provided by the team will help you to reduce any risks in the future.

Legionella Analysis Birmingham

Legionella Analysis Birmingham

The nationwide team of water treatment professionals offer impartial guidance and consultancy services in regards to legionella analysis Birmingham. Water Pros are Legionella Control Association members, so they can ensure the expertise of their technicians providing legionella analysis Birmingham. A comprehensive legionella control service is undertaken by the expertise, including risk assessments, monitoring, and remedial works across single or multiple locations.

Legionella monitoring in Birmingham for a commercial property would involve power flushing of stagnant water in tanks and pipes, hot and cold water monitoring, calorifier blow down, sanitisation and descaling of shower heads, water temperature monitoring of tanks and mains, inspection and monitoring of cold water storage tanks, calorifier inspection, water tank disinfection and risk assessments/reviews on an annual, six monthly, quarterly, monthly, or a weekly basis.

For documentation purposes, a site specific log book will be created, which needs to document all legionella monitoring tasks. For added reassurance, should any issues be identified, you can be certain of an affordable and fast response from the professionals. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact the experts in remote legionella monitoring Birmingham and remedial works with the enquiry form or by phoning them to discuss your unique requirements.

Last Updated 13/05/2022
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