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LEV Testing Birmingham

We are proud to provide LEV testing in Birmingham from skilled technicians, who offer a systematic and professional service that includes LEV assessments, remote monitoring of air quality, analytical services, gas usage management, and remedial works.

LEV testing Birmingham adheres to UK COSHH (Care of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and HSG258, which details that LEV systems must be tested every 14 months. A few extraction systems may require testing more frequently. Having proper testing is necessary for most insurance policies.

The specialists can cover a single site, or multiple locations across the UK. Make sure that existing extraction systems at your premises are legally compliant and carefully well serviced with local exhaust ventilation testing in Birmingham.

Duct Cleaning Birmingham

Duct Cleaning Birmingham

Efficient and affordable duct cleaning in Birmingham that complies with current legislation regarding extraction systems and indoor air quality. The experienced technicians offer complete HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) services for clients throughout the United Kingdom.

The experts offer complete ductwork cleaning in Birmingham alongside a variety of specialist services which encompass risk assessments, site surveys, surface swabs for yeast, bacteria or mould, LEV testing, kitchen extract cleaning, and detailed reports which provide advice and implementation of remedial actions.

Duct cleaning in Birmingham can be carried out at hotels, restaurants, pubs, universities, leisure centres, and schools to name but a few examples. Remember that poorly maintained air systems pose a number of threats to your business, including risks to visitor health, and fire hazards, with your insurance becoming void due to insufficient precautions being undertaken.

The price of ductwork cleaning in Birmingham is based upon the complexity of the air system, and how accessible it is. Whenever you require ductwork cleaning, air monitoring or LEV testing, the experts will provide a solution which matches your needs. The experts adapt their services to ensure your premises is safe and hygienic.

The experts provide a number of different gas management services as well, concerning carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). One of their most commonly requested services is carbon monoxide monitoring in Birmingham, which is essential if you wish to ensure your premises is safe, and has high air quality. CO2 monitoring is offered alongside CO monitoring, and a trained gas tester can can perform assessments onsite or offsite for you.

Air Quality Monitoring Birmingham

Air Quality Monitoring Birmingham

Water Pros provides air quality monitoring in Birmingham, which detects a number of substances such as dust, mould, yeasts, ozone, and volatile organic compounds. This service is performed indoors for commercial or public properties, and is important for establishing good health and safety standards.

Only high quality equipment is utilised by the experts when they conduct air quality monitoring in Birmingham, to ensure that accurate results are recorded. After a set period of time, detailed graphs will be provided to represent temperature, humidity, aerosol, and carbon dioxide levels.

Poor indoor air quality can cause a number of adverse health effects which include sore throats, runny nose, dizziness, headaches, dry eyes, and respiratory or heart issues. The detrimental impact of these issues is high staff absenteeism, reduced productivity, and possible fines due to a breach of health and safety legislation.

Remedial actions for ventilation hygiene issues include air conditioning maintenance and ventilation commissioning. The experts can carry out a range of service to ensure you fulfil your obligations as a property owner, and will adapt their services to suit your personal requirements.

If you need further information about air quality testing in Birmingham, all you have to do is phone the friendly customer support team during working. If you prefer, fill out the website form on this page for a prompt response via phone or email. If you have any queries, don't be afraid to enquire, as the experts will be pleased to assist.

Last Updated 28/06/2022
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