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Legionella Management

If you require legionella management, turn to Water Pros for assistance. The experts help customers abide with modern legal guidelines regarding legionella management.

The service engineers have over 25 years of expertise in the business, and provide UK coverage for all types of commercial or public premises. They adapt their legionella management to meet your unique requirements, to provide a useful service.

Legionella management involves an assessment of your water equipment for legionella risk, and continual monitoring of your water systems. For a cost-effective and reliable service, Water Pros has a stress-free answer.

Legionella Treatment

Legionella Treatment

If you own a property where water equipment is being used, you might require legionella treatment to prevent the risk of Legionnaire's disease. Though quite rare, Legionnaires' disease can be extremely dangerous. This illness is a form of pneumonia, and in 12% of UK cases is lethal. There are certain high risk groups that need extensive protection from legionella bacteria, and can benefit legionella management. These include over 45's, smokers, diabetics, and anyone with chronic respiratory disease.

The optimal temperature for the spread of legionella bacteria is between 20-45 degrees Celsius. So it's important to control your water treatment systems to manage this. Most companies will possess water facilities, which means that they will need legionella management to prevent Legionnaires' disease.

A few of the water sites that the service engineers can provide legionella treatment include evaporating condensers, showers, cold and hot water systems, cooling systems, spas and pools, wash system, and air conditioning systems. Whether you own a small or big business, from hotels to health resorts, the professionals can assist.

Why not get in touch today, and find out legionella management can support you? It's as easy as giving the helpful customer service team a ring today to discuss your legionella management service. Or, fill in the online form on this page with your contact information and business information for a fast reply during working hours by phone or email. You'll soon be on your way to getting an comprehensive legionella treatment.

Legionella Consultancy

Legionella Consultancy

Government regulations state that legionella management is essential for cold and hot water systems. This service helps to make sure that water hygiene at your site is at a high standard, controlling legionella and preserving health and safety. The legionella consultancy service will survey the water equipment at your site, and provide complete documentation on their assessment. This includes the identification of all the sources to your water system, which are potential risk causes for legionella spread.

A Legionella consultancy involves an assessment of the condition of your water equipment, and if it passes Water Supply Regulations and is hygienic. The temperature of your water will be checked against what is suitable for proper control of legionella.

You will be supplied with a full legionella management guide after all surveys are complete, to aid you in controlling legionella. The capable professionals will explain all necessary remedial actions, including remote monitoring or a water system refurbishment.

The legionella management service has all the essential business accreditations for water treatment, for example Legionella Control Association, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Exor Accreditation. These valuable accreditations prove how efficient the legionella management service is. The consultants and service engineers are dedicated to offering a helpful service from start to finish. Save yourself time and money, with the fuss-free legionella management service.

Last Updated 20/01/2022
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we run a community centre. we would like a quote for legionella testing and management and any advice available

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i worked for severn trent water for 15 years as a clean water operations manager, ive since been made redundant so now looking for work so if you have any opportunities within your company please could you give me a call. regards graham cross

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